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AAPEX (Athletic, Academic, and Personal Excellence) enthusiastically serves Harvard College student-athletes and those who work with them. Our services include, but are not limited to, consultation/counseling with an academic focus and of course sport psychology. AAPEX is confidential and free. Using AAPEX carries no stigma, as we are frequented by team captains, strong athletes seeking an even greater "competitive edge," and coaches who see us as a resource to help their teams have the best possible seasons.

AAPEX espouses a "whole person" philosophy: We believe that our athletic, academic, personal/private, and social/interpersonal "selves" are interrelated and often compete for our attention. A picture's worth a thousand words, so here's the visual:

Fortunately, many of the same skills and techniques are applicable both in the classroom and wherever you compete (field, ice, pool, track, court, etc.). Thus, at AAPEX, the notion of peak performance — and our conversations with student-athletes — often transcend the mechanics of one's particular sport.

Here are some concrete areas in which AAPEX helps Harvard student-athletes and those who work with them:

  • Balancing athletics with schoolwork, sleep, free time, and other important pursuits
  • Clarifying, setting, and achieving athletic, academic, vocational, and personal goals
  • Using sport psychology techniques to boost self-confidence, improve focus and attention, reduce anxiety, increase motivation, and perform more consistently
  • Overcoming relationship challenges with teammates and coaches
  • Handling sensitive concerns you have about others (teammates, friends, family members, etc.)
  • Countering negative, self-limiting thinking
  • Studying, reading, and writing more stragetically, effectively, and efficiently
  • Transitioning to and from Harvard (freshmen, transfer students, and seniors "retiring" from collegiate athletics)
  • Choosing courses, concentrations, and secondary fields
  • Making the best use of Reading Period & strategizing for finals
  • Navigating the Harvard administration
  • Coping with injury
  • Developing and honing leadership and followership skills
  • Learning how, when, and why to talk to coaches and captains
  • Deciding whether to take time away from your sport and/or from school
  • Returning to Harvard after a voluntary or involuntary leave of absence
  • Living with teammates vs. others (blocking decisions, etc.)
  • Career concerns and post-graduation planning

AAPEX consultants are psychologically informed Harvard academic advisers and counselors who are certified in sport psychology and have a demonstrated interest in, and familiarity with, our student-athlete community and the larger Harvard community. We'll meet with you to discuss whatever's on your mind — whether it's a concern, question, or challenge about your sport or about something else — with the broader goal of helping you tap your strengths to achieve satisfaction, resolution, greater understanding, or whatever else you want. And if AAPEX cannot help you directly, then AAPEX can connect you with the resources on or off Harvard's campus that can best meet your needs.

To learn more, click the links on the left or ask us. We look forward to hearing from you!

*Although AAPEX does not provide medical care, clinical care, treatment, or mental health services, AAPEX can connect you with the departments and people at Harvard who can help you (e.g., at Dillion Field House, the MAC, Counseling and Mental Health Services, and elsewhere at Harvard University Health Services) if any of the following concerns are at hand:

  • Mental health concerns
  • Medical or physical health concerns
  • Eating concerns
  • Alcohol or other drug concerns
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